My name is Zen.
I am a professional gardener with years of experience.

The Garden has always been my favorite place in my home. I spend there most of my time. As a child on playing and sweeping leaves and as a grown on all kinds of gardening jobs. To keep my garden the best place, to sit and relax. Because I believe only harmony and tidiness around let keep your mind relax.

You can imaging then that spending time on gardening is my favorite job, which I know well. Not easy and sometimes very dirty but I really love my job. I know how hard is keep garden clean and tidy, at every season, and I know that many people don’t have enough time to do it by themselves or just don’t know how to do professional works, like scarifying, aerating, hedging, planting according to season or laying turf.

That’s why I would like to offer you my service, to help you keep your garden tidy up and make garden your favorite place.